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Felicity, Season 1, Episode 2

Felicity: Season 1, Episode 2

Okay. So I'm back aboard the Felicity train. Destination: I'm not sure, but probably not that exciting.

Episode 2 started with some sexy new opening credits. It was actually kind of nice, because I miss opening credits. Seems like shows don't really have them anymore. Probably because writers/editors have realized that they can get rid of a two minute long intro, and instead give us more plot/backstory. So, if given the choice, I'd definitely rather have more plot/backstory/character development, etc., but from the impression that I get of Felicity, we will probably get along just fine without it.

Anyways the opening credits themselves were kind of stupid. I mean they were just black and white shots of the cast (mostly Felicity) doing random things. I wasn't impressed. At one point she was sitting on the sidewalk (IN NYC - why would anyone do this?), smiling and semi-petting a dog. It was a weird moment.

But Felicity (in a weird tape recorded message, a narrative device that I'll never get used to), did seem to be very impressed with the city. AND GOOD NEWS. It only took one episode for her to declare her love for Ben, move across the country, have him not feel the same way and sleep with her friend for Felicity AND her friend to BOTH get over Ben. Guess he's not that great of a shag? I don't really know. I'm obviously not buying it.

How do you get over that Scott Speedman smile? And I'm pretty sure that it's that smile that makes Felicity change her mind.

So the major plot point of this episode is that someone called the admissions office to ask for Felicity's application essays. Uh oh, looks like the girl's got an admirer.

Her first choice as to who requested it is...Noel?? Logic doesn't suit her. This is actually pretty funny though, because she questions him about his declaration of love for her in Episode one. And he DENIES it! Straight up, he says he's "a sensitive guy and gets feelings for everyone". This guy is the LAMEST.

We finally find out that she wrote her admissions essay about him (Ben)!! And now, she has the absolutely brilliant decision to ask Noel's advice, and then NOT take it, and proceed to send the essay to BEN. Ben, the guy she wrote god knows what about in this admissions essay. This girl is on the bus to crazytown. Scratch that. She is driving the bus around Crazytown, because she is already there, and likely knows everything about it.

Turns out her parents are still in town. They're still trying to figure out why Felicity would choose UNY over Stanford - was it drugs?! (Valid question), but it's very clear that they've never met Ben (Scott Speedman). But we found out who actually called the admissions office for her essay - her parents - not Ben. So imagine Felicity's surprise when she realized how confused Ben was going to be once he got her application essay. Just after he probably was getting over the fact that she was a stalker. She goes and pulls this shit again. Bravo, Felicity, Bravo.

OMG. JOHN CHO IS ON THIS SHOW!! Fucking Harold (from Harold and Kumar) is on this show. He's coming to Noel with a problem (why do people come to Noel with problems?), the problem being that apparently his roommate is trying to kill him? Let's see how this is resolved.

Now Felicity has decided that she will go to the dorm and try to steal back her letter to Ben. Valid plan, let's see if this one works.

I'm really liking the small talk between them. They haven't signed up for their classes yet? How is that possible? Hasn't school started...? What have they been doing this whole time? Frolicking in Central Park? Don't answer that.

Felicity makes a great point: "Years from now Ben will look back on college and remember Felicity porter as that obsessive girl with frizzy hair that not only followed him across country but then randomly started sending him information about herself."

Scott Foley has tricked Felicity into inviting her parents to the dorm (and to meet him - he's trying to make a good impression on mom and dad! I see his angle). He is also not at all creepy when he says: "I can't wait to meet the people that made you"

Oh, also, I can't believe I didn't mention this earlier. But her roommate is a Wiccan. And not in a good, Willow from Buffy, kind-of-way.

Uh oh- Scott Foley made a big blunder when he called her parents "overbearing" and they heard him! He's also introducing himself to her parents as a boyfriend would. And it goes about as horribly as possible, because 1) of his misuse of words 2) John Cho comes back with a knife and says his roommate still wants to kill him and 3) the fire alarm goes off.

Felicity's parents are basically hilarious because, in the nicest way possible, say that she is crazy and has now made them crazy because they don't understand her. Through a mediation session with her guidance counselor ...? I don't know who he is.

This is basically how it goes down: Felicity wants a hamburger. That's why she moved to New York. Now Felicity isn't welcome home for Thanksgiving. Or ever. Well played, mom, well played. Oldest trick in the book. Guilt-ing your kids into doing what you want by making them feel badly.

Looks like Ben is starting to date Julie (Felicity's friend, I've finally committed her name to memory). Or trying to, since he's stalking her and appearing at her apartment. Uh Oh. Philosophical question though: They say that the love triangle is Ben - Felicity - Noel. How does Julie factor into that? Especially since Felicity isn't interested in Noel, Ben isn't even remotely interested in Felicity and Julie seemed to be avoiding Ben completely? Is this just one giant arrow of unrequited love? (See right)

I will be interested to see what shape(s) this arrow forms.

But something happened where Julie is adopted and trying to find her birth parents. And Felicity's dad decided to pay for her college (but not room and board), and her mom forgave her. And her mom met Ben. Who is so far making a better impression than Noel did. So Point: Speedman. And now it looks like her mom finally understands why Felicity chose NYC, and Felicity can come back for Thanksgiving.

So, looks like a lot was resolved in this episode. Now Felicity's parents love her again. I was so worried for a second (not really).

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